CPO Mendez

Cquote1I regret not killing MendezCquote2
— Prophet of Regret
Cquote1Remember, boys and girls, this is my mother-flippin steak. Don't go near it or I'll kill you.Cquote2
— CPO Mendez to his Spartans

Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Franklin Mendez is the non-biological father of all the Spartans (or is he?). He's been very busy (rofl). He is also the trainer/criminal behind training the Spartans on Reach. Yeah I read the Halo books, got a problem with it? He used a bunch of other trainers to bully the children into Spartans during years of brutal boot camp that was so damn brutal it's now illegal. Many people thought he had sex with Dr. Halsey, but he actually hates her since she complains in his ear all the time. He's also really old: a thousand years old or something like that. He only hanged around on Reach 'till the Covenant came and glassed it. Then he disappeared... along with a group of young Spartans.


Mendez appeared again in the Halo Ghosts of Onyx book as a million year old Jesus Gun hater since he preferred the Fagnum. He was there to train the new Spartans to stop the Covies and they all ran into a Sentinel army. They got their asses whipped. Mendez preferred to hide while the Sentinels killed the Spartans, and a fleet of Covenant Whales burned them from orbit. Mendez followed Halsey and some Spartans into a structure that could end the universe, thanks to the Forerunner technology there. He jumped it. Now promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO), Mendez is still hiding somewhere in space with the ideal to repopulate humanity by boning the female Spartans. He doesn't know that that will not work since the Spartans are sterile, but he probably wouldn't care if he found out. To put it in short, everyone hates SCPO Mendez.

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