H3 DLC Foundry Environment-EMPTY
This map was a stepping stone in the creation of Forge World, but like Sandbox, sucks in comparision.

You can make the most awesome and original map ever made by deleting all objects and saving it on your file share.


It was suppose to come with the other maps in the Halo disc but was so boring people shot themselves shortly after. After the disc was release Bungie employees filed it away with Ling Ling's head but the person that filed it away died of boringness. They then exiled it to the Heroic map pack hoping people could recreate it on forge making it less boring

PS: Digitalmastier was here


  • Foundry exists as a sex dungeon for Master Chief when required.
  • It is located in the Prophet of Haters' illegal offworld mansion.
  • It is said to be inhabited by the ghost of a little girl who is said to be roaming the halls asking for sexual favors at night.
  • Every toilet is clogged.
  • The windows are made from rock candy.

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