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Cquote1Die? Don't you know? FORKLIFTS NEVER DIE!!!''Cquote2
Kurt Ambrose-051 on teh Forklift
Halo Reach Forklift Gameplay and Commentary05:01

Halo Reach Forklift Gameplay and Commentary

The Forklift in action

Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Fork lifts you!Cquote2
— Yakov Smirnov on teh Forklift

Forklifts never die, they're just missing in action. Damn ONI propaganda!

In Halo 3Edit

The forklift apears in Halo 3 as a useless yellow scenery item in campaign and the Forge mode.

In Halo: ReachEdit

Bungie decided to actually let people drive the Forklift on Halo: Reach, and it became the most awesome vehicle ever. It can withstand being shot by Plasma Pistols, and can go slow enough to not ram Grunt to death! It is still yellow. This is because it has Gruntiness. Noble Six used one in EVERY mission in the campaign, because he (she?) is too lazy to walk. In this game the forklift truly became the most amazing and powerful vehicle ever!!!!

Famous ForkliftsEdit

- Forky (R.I.P 2009-2010, died in Courtyard, fighting Grunts and Jackals)

- Forko (random Forklift in Halo 3)

- Forgy (Forge object in Halo 3)

- Talky (the first talking forklift)
The Talking Forklift (Halo 3 Machinima)03:16

The Talking Forklift (Halo 3 Machinima)

Talky, the first talking forklift.

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