This article is currently incomplete; please assume the author is a lazy-ass.
Cquote1Mom, look at this! IT'S HUGE!Cquote2
— A Narb on Forge World.
Cquote1That's what she said!Cquote2
— An even bigger Narb on the previous Narb.

This cave has been reffered to as "Bungie's Asshole".

Forge World is Bungie's latest plan to rule the world by having players make maps for them because the saggy dickheads at Bungie Studios and too busy watching shit go down the toilet to make maps. It is Sandbox on 7 truckloads of steroids so you have lots of customization, like making items not collide with anything, changing the time (you are limited to day, night and sunrise) and putting toys everywhere.And LOTS and LOTS of silly "toys".

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