Forge is a game mode in the Halo series which brings you to a map of your choice and leaves it as an open sandbox for you to modify spam shit and smoke weed.
Forge World

Aha! Here, I can build my city... All I need is some construction workers with a nerve, a ton of materials and 600 McBillion dollars!

In Halo 3Edit

Cquote1In Soviet Russia, map forges YOU!!!Cquote2
— The guide to forge in the Halo 3 handbook when it came out

In Halo 3 Forge was a game mode used mainly by Noobs who put power weapons all over their favourite map, then cry when they are killed by a good player who can actually use those weapons well.

In Halo ReachEdit

In Halo: Reach, Bungie made Forge more complicated than anyone can ever begin to describe. Basically it lets you create new maps in a map. n00bs will exploit it in the same way they did in the last bit, and will cry in the same way


(sarcasm) oh boy. We get to be 343 Gassy Stalker.


Name OriginsEdit

Forge got its name from this very smart guy, who told Bungie to make a game mode to create maps Because he was the first ever non-spartan to kill an entire world full of Aids before the MC, Bungie (for once) listened, and the crappy game mode was born.

Pros and ConsEdit


  • In theory it's a good idea to have a level editor that doesn't require a Software Development Kit to operate


  • n00bs fail to exploit it and cry
  • You have to be a friggin Lightbulb to edit! :(
  • Trying to do any fine, detailed work with Forge is like performing surgery with a chainsword.

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