All they do...

For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Flood Sea Monkeys.

The Flood water form otherwise known as the FLOATING Turds of gas are even more useless forms of the bigger stronger (kinda) more mentally brain dead (if thats even possible) forms of the WALKING turds of death. Not much is known about these things exept they live in water tanks, drink piss, can't fight, can't walk, can't move, and are completly useless in every way possible exept as ass slaves to the killer popcorn.


  • They just swim
  • They can infect, but they only contract Swine Flu.
  • If they even touch something they deflate and explode
  • They suck
  • You first see them on Halo 2's 343 Guilty Spark

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