The "Pod".

AV Johnson
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Flood Dispersal Pods are types of things Flood drop in. Not much is known for what they do in there. Some speculate they eat tacos and watch "Real Housewives of New Jersey". Others say they... Well... Let's not talk about it. But they do have a built in safety sytem that fails and freezes in the middle of the map and annoys the players.

This is a pathetic attempt to replicate an Over-rated Dick Sucking Toots, despite being a failure, this actually works because the Flood won't fucking blow up even though they are as delicate as piss. This kicked the ODSTs off the Alan Harper throne. The Flood forms that flip out of this thing are called ODRAs (Orbital Drop Rape Aids)


  • It is strong enough to prevent a Combat form from assploding.
  • Noobs are scared of it.


  • They land on your face.
  • They send out a million different Flood forms at you.
  • Did I mention fucking everything?
  • It's made out of The Pedo Brute's asshole particles.
  • Mother fucking everything!

How it came to beEdit

Dr. Phil was one day keeping the Pedo Brute as a sex slave (Irony) and he was informed by Prophet of AIDS that ODSTs were kicking their asses, so the Gravemind quickly raped The Pedo Brute, pulled out PB's asshole particles, cloned them over 9000 times and made over 9000 more "Flood Disperal Pods", to produce more, the Flood Scientist Forms created clones of the Pedobrute so more of these ODST rip offs could be made.

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