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Flood Combat Forms, also known as Zombies, Man-Huggers, and Lepers, are AIDS victims who become zombified (yes, that's a real word), disgusting, and ugly.

Characteristics Edit

They look like a flesh balloon filled with poopy juice, Tartar Sauce's Special Meaty Surprise, or decomposed bodies buffed up with steroids. All infected humans look exactly like a walking piece of crap with some camouflage clothes. The infected Elites look like a walking piece of crap with blue or red armor (depending on rank), and the infected Brutes look like a walking piece of crap with a suit on.

What they do Edit

These victims commonly try to hug any nearby living creature-usually you. These hugs can turn deadly, as the Zombie has the tendency to hug just a little too hard, which can result in internal bleeding and AIDS infection.

The Zombies also have the uncanny ability to jump really, really, really high, similar to the effect of giving a 6 year old child a 240 volt shock from a nearby power-point (Don't try this at home, leave it to the professionals). This can be described as a Flood "jumping for joy", considering that the zombie usually jumps in your direction and hugs you.

If the AIDS victim is not hugged back (or shot at by a Shotgun), the victim becomes depressed and falls to pieces. The fun thing to do is too shoot their arms off and watch them try to hug you-to no avail.

If you hug them back they will get cancer and die but they revive if they it yellow popcorn AIDS.

They're bisexual zombies, that's why they try to hug you. If they are not blown up or shotgunned, they will eventually turn into a soccer ball.they also have tendency to jump off 40 story Buildings with out breaking any bones just to give you a hug

Copy of floodhug

A Flood Combat Form attempting to man-hug a Grunt.

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