Cquote1 HAHA I shall now flip you offCquote2
— Flipyap to anyone
Cquote1 What but I like my house. I should rip this shit off my doorCquote2
— Flipyap upon seeing an eviction notice on his door
Cquote1 But I only had a few beers.Cquote2
— Flipyap talkin to the cop who pulled his Banshee over

Flipyap is the best known Grunt in the whole universe and universal studios which he worked at for a time. He is the 3rd most important Grunt of all and the whole Covenant got so pissed off when MC or Arbiter or whoever killed him. This is his story...


Born on Balaho in Cheese Town several years before Halo stuff with some of the first cases of Gruntiness. His parents abandoned him in the dumpster. He moved on. At the age of 1 Flipyap was ripped and rich as Steven Spielberg who he killed. But he was a secret since the testicle chins were jealous that Grunts could have babies and they can't. Flipyap spent months hiding in an attic with his diary to hide from da police.


One of Flipyap's many sweet rides

Cool Banshee

Another one of Flipyap's sweet rides

Some a-hole ratted him out and he was arrested. But he killed the Elites taking him to the gallows and flipped off the crowd. His name is Flipyap cause he likes to flip people off. With a dead turkey as food he hitched a ride on a train and became a hobo. He had disappeared.

Appearance in the Hula Hoop gameEdit

With some shiny new silver armor and a dip in the butter cauldron so sticky grenades slip off, Flipyap emerged from hidin and stole a Banshee from a drunk elite. He arrived at Earth totally wasted from the jager in the banshee, accidentally shooting yet another elite. He found his brother Yapflip there and joined some turkeys to pwn earth people. Flipyap killed many with his dual nooblers. All the covies got confused with his name and this stupidity spread to the humans and MC. Everyone decided to call him Bob the Builder. He was reassigned to Regret's fool-hardy attack on New Mombasa.
Rip flipyap

Apparently, the poor Grunt died to Halopedia.

Moving DayEdit

Flipyap packed up his stuff: a recliner, 100 beers, his banshee named Fiddles, gunz, and his ego. The spot in New Mombasa for his home was 2552 Scarab Top ave. At first he thought it was a pun but threw a fit to find out he wuz camping on a Scarab. He spent days fighting n00bs and long division that he was known as Royal Grunt. He taught Grunts how to um, reproduce.

Battle for the CenterEdit

The humans took the slums-they took the bridge-they took the tunnel-they took a dump-and they took my family awayawayaway. Flipyap and some hundreds of Grunts with the Scarab hit the city center so frakin hard that the universe cracked. They took the HQ ,killed some n00bs and MC arrived. With Flipyap riding shotgun the Scarab walked awayawayaway. Flipyap threw some rocks and a p00 at MC. He really crapped on him since noone told him where to do the crap. Scarabs got no bathroom! He flipped off the chief

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