For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on FitzGibbon.
AV Johnson
This article is too damned short, Marine! You will help Gruntipedia by making it larger so it will fit the screen, fool!
Cquote1Is he supposed to be George Washington?Cquote2
— A dumb Marine when he saw FitzGibbon
Cquote1Execute him.Cquote2
— FitzGibbon's response to the quote above

FitzGibbon the AI himself.

FitzGibbon was a UNSC AI who was aboard a British ship during the War of 1812. After the ship was found to be very woody, the crew was forced to abandon ship in little rowboats.

The guy that FitzGibbon was modeled after.

Half of the rowboats that were jettisoned were exposed to feces from the ship's dirty rats, exposing the remaining crew to large amounts of insanitary fluids, causing most of them to die painful deaths aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire.

When Sergeant Forge was sent to the Prophecy to recover Gruntipedia dead bodies, he was redirected by vandals to purge the crappy articles NAV database of the ship. He was initially prevented from doing so by FitzGibbon due to his "unprofessional record", but after Forge told him he was breaking the Cabal Code. FitzGibbon allowed him to start the Great Purge. After the purging was finished, FitzGibbon self-destructed his articles and the ship in order for them not to be captured by Halopedia. He, sadly, destroyed himself in the process.

Like the later AI Wellsley, FitzGibbon took the best out of people.

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