The UNSC field armory was supposed to be an alternative to get oil since oil cost $10,000 a gallon in Halo. Instead the drill found the Forerunner city of Atlantis under da dirt. More Atlantis' were found on other HW maps and yield murderys were built there against the advice by Yakov Smirnoff,"in Soviet Russia, field armory research you."

A field armory

Its a Best Western Hotel!?

What It DoesEdit

In the eyes of a n00b the yield murdery looks like some Best Western hotel. That would be a useful idea but it is actually a annoying, goddammed lab made from hula hoop technology. Since Porntana was able to do the hula hoop she stole its info and virginity before being pwnt. Now armories are schools for n00bishness to make n00bs more powerful. I personally believe that it's all some dark magic and is agreed upon by several top Grunt scientist.

Research MeEdit

The field armory can allow you to research some techs that either make you more badass or more of a n00b. Badass techs include ultimate dual wield turrets, bring in the ROFLs, Madonna's gift(HIV), and the techs to make the special feeling attacks more retro. N00b techs include make my troops gear up faster, steroids, and anything else I think of. Retards find the field armory so awesome that they usually cover their bases in them only to cry and bitch when they cant keep the Covenant apes from pwng it.


The field armory was really fucked when some fuckin chimpanzee complained that the fucking marines were to fucking fast in the fucking relay race because of the fucking field armory's fucking steroids. To many fucking Marines overdosed and got to the fucking Containment release panel to fucking quick thus fucking everyone up. The fucking field armory avoided this by moving to fucking planet Reach for the Fucking Sky where it was fucking pwnd by the covenant. More fucking field armories were sent to the fucking Warthog Guy on fucked up Harvest where they fucked everthing up again.

Association with NoobinessEdit

It has been known that the field armory can cause the spread of n00b cancer by n00b techs. Refer to the Research Me section above to avoid becoming a n00b or nub. Field armories aren't being used right anymore, used by God's troops as a hotel and lakehouse and Anders' home which sucks. Alas, the field armory has lost the respect of all.

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