Fat noob


Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Noobs fatter than YOU!!Cquote2
— A halo playerFat Noobs are the children of Noobs and a fat dude. They are monstrous beings that are being hunted down by THE BIG DAMN HEROES to save the galaxy from entire noobination.

TBDH InvolvementEdit

master chief contacted Fartee' Faec to tell him about the monstrosity and they hurried right away. TBDH managed to kill at least 34268 fat noobs as they breed so quickly (just like Yanme'e queens) 


we may not have a future because they take over our cities by making more fat noobs but they're more noobish than actual noobs themselves! (that's a fact). what big damn heroes needs the galaxy to do even noobs is to PWN ON XBOX!!


Anybody that kills more than 100 Fat Noobs is rewarded Recon armor, and is appointed to be a Noob Demon. Once appointed, they are basically an Arbiter. They slay Noobs, the Noobasauras Rex, Anoobis, and users of the Noob Combo.


  • Fat noobs are fat.
  • They're noobish.

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