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AV Johnson
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Fal chavamee

This guy was a VERY badass elite.

Fal Chavamee, is another retarded arbiturd who spends most of his time trying to impress girls. Everyone hates him, including the prophets, that's why they gave him the job of finding da chief.

His life was punctuated by getting trod on by the other elites. He joined the army and did the same retarded thing every day until he was caught kissing a marine's ass. Upon this, he lost all his honour and became an Arbiter.

During bed time storytime, Truth told him about the Great Journey, the book obviously said Jr Fiction. Fal bursted into apeshit and kept on spamming THE JOURNEH IS A LIE!!!! out of his mouth. Fal ran away in tears.

Harka, the Elite and Brute Chieftian lovechild, got Fal's friend to kill Han, Fal's friend teabagged Han to death, finally she's de- WTF HARKA KILLED FAL'S FRIEND. When Arbiturd was walking in the dessert he found over 9000 Covenant fighting him, he killed all of them with his infinite ammo trick and dual wielding energy swords, this was the second most epic part in Halo Legends (the most epic part was the whole Package episode).

Fal then went home to find out that his bitch was killed, he got butthurt and 1v1'd Harka, Harka made a bloodbath out of Fal with his Gravity Spamspork or whatever the fuck it is, then Fal made quick business by stabbing him in the balls with an energy sword, they both died in 2552 having cried theirselves to hell.

Unlike Rip a moronme, Fal was actually a decent Arbiter.

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