The fucking armor itself

The most pretentious armor in Halo 4, this doesn't tell people "I am fucking pro!". It tells people "I have WAAAAAAAY too much money to waste." FOTUS-class GEN2 armor is extremely show-offy and "magical", and it also comes with the most show-offy weapon's skin ironically.

In conclusion, wear a better armor like Venator or any specialization armor except Stalker (Stalker helmet is OK, but man, Venator is awesome). But you have to say it does look epic. Right?

Oh ya, it also looks like a Unicorn. Become a pimp by wearing it. You can also stab people with the horn.

In Halo 5: Gradius Edit

As well as being able to get it the same way as in Halo 4, you can also get it from simply opening a premium Cock Block.

Way to fucking go, 343 Industries. You made everyone able to get the most pretentious armor in the game. Now you have to equip either the Vanguard Emblem (to show that you are a true owner of this armor), or the Beta Prime Emblem (I was a Champion before Halo 5: Gradius existed, bitch) for maximum pretentiousness.

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