AV Johnson
This article is too damned short, Marine! You will help Gruntipedia by making it larger so it will fit the screen, fool!

— An Elite after accidentally activating it while scratching its butthole
Cquote1So, I had an idea, make our own version of the combat knife!!!Cquote2
— An Elite after taking an idea from the only other smart species in the entire Covenant and calling it his own.
Reach 970264 Medium

Energy Shiv

The Holy shit I will never scratch my ass again knife or Energy Dagger is a Elites version of a knife. They often use it on Thanksgiving to slice up ham and turkey for their families to eat. Unofficialy known as the Deathshank-Mini™, it is a further continuation in the Deathshank™ series


After waging centuries of war, the Grunts Elites realized that carrying giant Energy Shanks into battle is impractical and that they needed something smaller to shiv th3 hum3nz.


Being made of 100% Gruntiness, it can easily cut through even the toughest of plastic armor and cause minor radiation and splash damage. The only downside to the mini is that you can still be killed while using it.The equation for results when using a Deathshank-Mini is:

  • 95-98%Pwnage and Coolishness
  • 100% Noob destroying
  • 99% Good user feedback.
  • 100% Awesome
  • 2-5% Failure due to death.

User FeedbackEdit

Cquote1It would be great if we could use it without our actions being made for us.Cquote2
— Random elite with a good idea.
Cquote1Pw37ty b1u3 b14d3...Cquote2
— Random noob with Deathshank-Mini™ through his chest.
Cquote1Ultimate pwnage: every useCquote2
— Elite on the effectiveness of the Deathshank-Mini™
Cpt squiggles

Cpt Squiggles, the only known non-Elite user of the energy shank. Also, what the hell is he?

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