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Emile in his armor

For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Emile-A239.
AV Johnson
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Cquote1Guess Who's Blackkkkkk...Cquote2
— Emile if he made bad race jokes
Cquote1Ima fuck you up, butt fuck your sis and put the butt up on your face.Cquote2
— Emile about to fuck someone up

Emile's white twin.

Kanye Interrupts Emile
is a badass mofo that likes knives and noob tubes. He has Casper the Friendly

Ghost on his visor. He is a Spartan-III noob that defected from the ways of his tribe by becoming reach's resident

Out of reach

Emile's best lines

badass spartan by using a ROFLKNIFE and has a skull scratched on his visor by the giant ROFLKNIFE on his arm, he is so badass that he can see though his fucked up faceplate, but he still is assigned to his noob team of Spartan III's because he uses a noob tube that he calls his "pro pipe". Rumor has it that he's almost as badass as the Master Chief himself. But sadly, he, was pwned by a punk-ass elite with an Energy Sword. But right before dying he brought out his knife and said "See you in hell, bitch!" and stabbed that loser. Before dying, Emile's last word was "YOUUUU!". It is a rare known fact that Emile killed over 9000 can-O-worms with just a twig, duct tape, and some gummy bears. He also was the original MAST3R CH33F in the hula-hoop games, but due to his awesomeness costing too much, was not put in until reach. He also was the american ammbassador in every fucking country in Reach.


Emile when Bungie's files were corrupt.


  • Scientists believe Emile's true identity is either Yoda, Chuck norris, or Stephen fry.
  • Emile has a badass skull on his visor, so clearly he is either perverted or a 5 year old kid on drugs.
  • Emile get's knifed by a xenomorph, i don't see what the fuss is all about quite honestly. Bloody drama queen
  • He is supposed to be an explosives expert, and when he first met Noble six, He had a boner... [top information, on Gruntipedia. ]
  • He is one of those stupid streetdancers, who put chairs on their butts.
  • He abducted and raped aliens 80 times since he was five.
  • When he sh0t Jun it was nati0nal l33t speak day

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