Ellen Dowski is also known by her fellow Marines as lesbo rapist, on acount of her raping her fellow female marines in the locker room. Ellen also was known to be Miranda Keyes equal.


Ellen Dowski participated in the Battle of Reach ellen was put in charge of her own squad. Ellen was given the chance to choose anyone she wanted, so she chose to make her squad an all female squad. So instead of gaurding the mass driver cannon that Emile-A239 was using, she instead had her squad make out with her.

On board The Pillar of Autumn ellen's entire squad was captured by horny grunts. Ellen managed to escape but not after joining the grunts in raping her squad. While escaping dowski took a detour, she ran into the locker room and found Melissa McKay whom ellen would rape imiediatly. Ellen would come across a wandering Aki who also is a lesbian, the two made out.

Ellen would meet Master Chief for the first time and she would also meet Cortana for the first time. Ellen would try to rape cortana but then MC would round house kick her out a window.

Ellen would run into some Noob Marines who were trying to kill a hunter with assault rifles. The marines were slaughtered and Ellen would be raped by the hunter. The hunter would take ellen to Rtas 'Vadum and would become his own personal slave. Ellen would try to escape many times, every time however Vadum would be turned on and rape her.

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