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— Elite with a jet pack who crashed fifty words in to this article.
Zaeed Massan'ee

An Elite Ranger after the Covenant got their hands on A SUPER DUB3R 1337 HAX TIME MACHINE.

Ranger Elites are Xenomorphs that have specialy designed suits knitted by grandma Joe that enables them to survive in space and possibly under-water. These elites have jetpacks, so they can fuck around until they run out of juice, when this happens, they crash land onto the surface, hitting their balls on whatever is around. They think they are better than normal elites but they are not, because they are complete idiots when it comes to jetpacks. They have a lot of control using they jet pack but they tend to smack into walls for no reason. Why they do that, our experts have no clue. They have tested negative for Gruntiness, unlike many other Xenomorph rip offs.

What are they equipped with?Edit

the average ranger usually is equipped with a plastic nerf gun, or plasma rifle, which fires large, blue, ultra hot streams of foam at you, some how taking down your shields and bouncing off you to no end. They have been granted weapons that fire jewelry as well, but that is just a waste of... Whatever the heck they use.

Where do they appear?Edit

They only appear in the first level because it's in space and in the Level Regret (both Halo 2). Also, the Guys with pipes up their noses leader has a jet pack because he's like that. They stopped using them after Regret in halo 2 because the ranger elites got bored of flying and getting pumped full of lead. Their packs often exploded when not exposed to vented plasma, so by fighting them, you're doing them a favor. They also have a cameo in Star Wars under the names Jango Fett and Boba Fett, but were then exiled for working with another company besides Covenant. Y'know. Copyright laws and all that crap.

They appear in most levels in Reach.

How did the covenant come up with them?Edit

The Prophets needed some Astronauts so they could look out for stuff in space and then piss on them with ships afterwards.

They created Elite Rangers and launched them into space, that's how they were made. This was their original purpuse but now they pummel everything they see (And fail at it badly).

How to deal with itEdit

Rifle to the face. Answer to all questions. Did someone rifle you in the face? Just rub some dirt on it. You'll be fine.

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