Cquote1Wort wort wort!Cquote2
— Elite Major on how he got to be a Major
Cquote1Wort wort wort!Cquote2
— Elite Major, on anything

An elite epicly pwning his blue counterpart

Elite Majors are a rank of Split-chins.


The entire Major rank of elites is all N00bs (Obviously since the major in halo legends was such a wimp) because they wouldn't stop annoying the prophet of truth about getting a higher rank. So then when they failed, they asked the Prophet of Lies (bad choice) to tell the other Prophets to give them the Major rank (just like N00bs asking for Recon) and the Lies told them that if they didn't give the Elites Major rank, they would just quit. Then obviously, the Prophets did nothing, so the Elites got mad and started a Strike (which explains why elites aren't in ODST)

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