Not to be confused with the Elite Wi-Fi Hotspot

Triceratops Elite

Tuning in to Fox TV!

Elite Councillors have big satellite dishes on their head. These have to be repeatedly repaired otherwise they will start to grow big beards. Also it helps with TV reception and Elites can watch Fox TV for free, but why would they? ok so the elite is coll and all but he also has super laser vision


The Elite Councilors wore Huge satelite dishes and Shitless Ultra Armor. The actual dishes were designed to allow the Councillors to communicate with Elite soldiers on the battlefield. However, the Engineers decided to improve the dishes, allowing broader communication throughout the universe. After much modification to the dishes, the Councillors seem to only bother to listen to sport and watch Fox TV (The dishes come with built in TV screens, modified so that you can get as close to them as you want, and you'll never get eye cancer. Awesome.)

Of course the major design flaw of the satellite dish and TV screens is that its so god dam heavy. Most Councillers suffer from neck strain from supporting it up. Another flaw is that the Engineers forgot to make a remote for the Councillers, so they are forever watching Fox TV and its crap shows eg. "Days of our lives". The horror.

Known CouncilorsEdit

Rtas 'Vadumee Was originally a Councilor, but was stripped of his rank for not being able to Speak in Wortish after losing half of his jaw in a fight with an AIDS Elite.

False Prophet was really an elite in disguise better known as the AntiTruth to cause an Apocalypse. He was working with Harvey Stephens At the time, he was hiding in the Mausoleum not knowing of Stephen's fate. A huge battle ensued, as he saw Chuck Norris enter the room. However, he cowered like a Yellow Bastard. Brutes and Hunters and Elites engaged in Pitiful Combat and Shit as The Chief, Following Cortana's orders, sat it out. He heard of AIDSfloodingthrough the ship, and that Truth was going to escape. He found the Chief, and the Chief was going to kill him. With his he pushed the son in front of Chuck's blade, He then Disguised himself as the Prophet of Mercy, and followed along with truth. Not knowing that AIDS was so close, he Planned to kill Truth right there. A Flood infection form darted behind him, stabbing him in the back with it's Heavenly-like Needles. He looked up to Truth and Tartaurus, saying "You have won nothing." and lay wounded. Truth left, as Master Chief entered the platform, standing over Mercy. Seriously. How many people are gonna get the Joke?

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