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Electro Magnetic Pies, also known as EMP, is an event discovered by noobs using the noob combo , that completely discharges shields and/or vehicles. This would normally be a good thing for noobs, but they cant seem to take advantage of it.


The EMP was likely discovered by some stupid noob experimenting with the noob combo.

How To (AKA: EMP for Dummies)Edit

For this, you will need one of the following:

  1. Plasma pistol (Halo 3 and up for vehicles, all for shieldz)
  1. Armour Lock (Halo:Reach)
  1. Grenade Launcher (only if you use the retarded second fire)(Halo Reach).

If using a pea shooter, follow the following:

  1. Aim pistol at vehicle or shielded target. For noobs, that guy whos shooting at you.
  2. Hold down the trigger until fully charged
  3. Release
  4. Pwn vehicle occupant or target

If using Armor Lock:

  1. Make urself an easy target to roadkill.
  2. When vehicle is about to hit, use the Armor Lock.
  3. Pwn occupants pants.
  4. Loot remains of vehicle.

If using grenade launcher:

  1. Fucking impossible.

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