Doctors dual wield too, in situations where dire needle injections have to occur.

Dual Wielding is a really badass move introduced in that game with no more online.

Dual wielding is the act of holding objects in both hands, you are dual wielding right now, you are typing/holding on your keyboard and holding onto your mouse. So as you can see, there are lots of things to dual wield, you can dual wield Plasma Grenades, bullet spitters, Needles, Boomsticks, pretty much every known noun in this whole clusterfuck.

Things to Dual WieldEdit

Some things are awesome to Dual wield, I'll list some:

What not to Dual WieldEdit

  • Chuck norris (No one can do it)
  • Steaming turds
  • Alien Parasitic sperm balls
  • Fuel Rod Gun
  • Hunterishness
  • Your mom (She's too heavy)
  • Brutes
  • Plasma Pistol (1 over charge will take their shield, but srsly noob a second shot won't kill, you'll need 14 overcharges to kill someone on instant kill mode, dead serious)

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