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Drone queen otherwise known the whore of the Pimp Federation is the baby mama of all the those Ass flys with guns her entire life consists of getting rear ended by male drones shooting bug babys out of the huge gaping hole she calls a vagina. The only one ever seen was during some Anceint skank, some lying motherfucker ,

Halo3 Bugger

The queen bugger herself

and some guy who regrets getting that chick pregant during highschool during a ritual of peeing on her face to symblize the leadership of the Covenant. We can only assume she's alive and is currently getting rear endend by more horny Drones.

Importance in the war.Edit

She was very important as she got pregnant so much that if she didn't have so many miscarridges [by doing it again and again.] they would have one the war. Whenever something bad happened for comfort Truth would slap her arse, sometimes he even suck it. In the end he sent her out to fight, but all she did was just have sex with every marine out there. Truth had sex with her quite a few times.


She ended up being a whore in Meat and Tater's Porn club, with over 900,0000 punters a day. She died rich but battered by the amount of punters that attacked her one day. In her honour every single Drone woman from that very day became a hooker. She was shot in the vagina by a very jealous Brute, Tartarsauce.

Shit she did.Edit

  • Fucked every Drone in the covenant. Over 9000 times each. Fun fact: She even did it with little kids. [Oh the scandal!]
  • Fucked Testicle chins
  • Fucked Super epic lords [grunts.]
  • Fucked cuddly little teddie bears [brutes]
  • Fucked christmas turkeys
  • Fucked chuck norris and his grandma [Cortana]
  • And much more.
  • She once filed rape, and when the drone police force arrived, they rear-ended her too.

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