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Hula Hoop 05 was created by the grunts of extreme gruntiness who had ACTUALLY devoured the secret food nipple back a the ship in order to gain the knowledge required to defeat the evil stupor flood pocorn brown water that comes from eating chipotle. Hula Hoop 05 is currently owned by 2401 Penitent Rapist, named so because he raped the librarian and caused her to fire the halo rings, so we can blame all the resulting tragedies on him, including the fact that MC was born 100,000 years late, causing Master Chief to immediately seek penitent rapist out and release AIDS just to piss him off.

Hula Hoop 05 is infested with AIDS as it was the second victim of penitent rapist. When the prophet of haters came along in his massive fucking testicle ship of badassery, penitent rapist immediately seeked out Dr Phil and infected MCs SWAG mobile and infect it with enough AIDS to fully corrupt Haters testicles, of which he has 5.

After the testicle, called high charity, was infected, it flew away from hula hoop 5 with Dr Phil on board, leaving penitent rapist on his own in a puddle of piss because he actually looked upon the Master Chief and Arsebiter whilst they were in the same space, causing to go instantly mad and refer to MC as reclaimer, which instantly caused MC to rip rapist apart due to the fact that MC is an Inheritor and only wears the haunted helmet at weddings and funerals, in the ratio 500:22222000000000000000000000000000000000.

Hula Hoop 05 was then completely obliterated by Halo 4s swag.

Respawn in 5...4...3...2...1...

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Gruntipedia is fighting and pwning the AIDS infection.

While Master Chief is napping at the Outback Steakhouse

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