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The average De-Ranker.

De-Rankers are dumb high rank n00bs that like betrayals.

How this startedEdit

The haxzorx started getting bored of being high ranked. The n00bs like to get Recon, and you guessed it, show off. Then they go all "101 1 50 h16h r4nk 17 15 80r1n6!!!!1111" that they pick up their Campergun they used to get that rank and shoot a teammate. Then the De-Ranking process begins...

De-Ranking ProcessEdit

The De-Ranker goes AWOL and kills all of his teammates. Then he commits suicide and spawns late, waits for teammates to die, and spawn-camp-betrays. They seem to have unlimited ammo, so don't die a billion times thinking it helps. The other team will wonder whats going on (See other team) and investigate, winning the match by doing the objective with no problem.

The Other TeamEdit

The other team will be like "Where are they?" and search for you. They see the guy spawn-camp-betraying and will be like "De-Ranker. Let's just win." and then get bored of how easy it is to win. The score will likely be -28 to 25.

What NOT to doEdit

Believe it or not, De-Rankers want you to fight back. Don't. You see, De-Rankers are the smartest n00bs (they have an I.Q. of 14) and use "Reverse Psychology" on you. You betray them, you cost your team a point. De-Rankers boot who betray them, and taunt your teammates to do the same.

De-Ranker TraitsEdit

They consist of high n00b virus.

  • They sneak up on you if you run away.
  • They never seem to be able to be booted.
  • De-Rankers are smart n00bs, and are very rare.
  • They never seem to die!
  • They always have the good weapons.
  • They were once spawn-campers.
  • They appear tough, and turn out to be betrayal n00bs.

What TO do if you see oneEdit

  • Leave game.
  • File complaint.
  • Run into an enemy base.
  • Get Grunts.
  • Watch Red vs Blue.
  • Watch this
  • Camp, they don't like Campers.
  • Remeber Reach.


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