For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Covenant's worst nightmare.
— A marine upon killing half the covenant army with a cyclops
— An elite looking at the bottom of a cyclops foot
— That same elite being squashed by the cyclops...ouch

The cyclops IS' 'A WHOOP ASS MOTHER FUCKIN SUPER SUIT. It was normaly driven by noobs, and ass hole brigade, and was the only way a noob can survive on the battlefield.


It was designed during Halo Wars. It was origenaly made for the crappy clean-up job, hoping to make people want to do it.

One day a group of mandible mouths attacked the clean-up-brigade and they used the cyclopses to make pancakes out a em.  The elites reported on them saying "they go against the rules of the jeniva convention, oh, wait, we don't obey the rules of the jeniva convetion."

By Halo 4 they were replased by the mantis, they were then sold to a guy with too much money and never seen again.  This caused the noobs that drove them to explode.

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