Soulja Boy the Jackal on Custom Powerup


The custom powerup is only available to people in forge mode, other than that it is absolutely useless. Its effect is determined by the SWAG level of those who claim it, or whatever the custom game type says.


Absolutely none! Besides enhancing your swag (only to be owned 30 seconds later by noobs).

It's yellow, and when you run in to it, it makes you run faster, sometimes, depending on what you dumped on during the custom games PGL.



  • It cant cook mashmellows[ it can on pie]
  • it has to be in custom games
Useful Equipment
Gruntiness' Dumb Brother | That Green Orb Plant that heals you | The Mine that can be seen a mile away | Yellow Ball of gay-version of Gruntiness | Blue Shield Thingy
Crappy Equipment that makes you wonder why Bungie put them in Halo
Blue Ball of Suckage of life | White-yellow soup fog | Feel the breeze under you | Thing that makes radars play music and go insane
Other stuff
Good for ugly people like Brutes | Most abused by noobs | Something your mom uses everyday

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