AV Johnson
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Cquote1...and remember to get MC out of the fridge in time for dinner.Cquote2
— Captain Keyes talking through the days plan.
Cquote1Can someone get the chiefs tongue of the freezer door!Cquote2
— guy in charge of the freezer room in PoA.

Cryogenic freezing is pretty much saying : get that b1t<h in da freezer!. It is seen at various times throughout the games, including in the freezer room in the Pillar of Winter , at the start of Halo 2 and at the end of halo 3. It is also possible to see an industrial freezer in Halo:Reacharound using the upskirt fly camera and going aboard the pillar of autumn. MC has a strong aversion to freezers as someone always takes advantage of it (namely: Cortana). This is also due to his tongue ending up on the freezer door whenever he wakes up defrosts.

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