Cquote1I regret not coming up with a system similar to creditsCquote2
Prophet of Regret regretting
For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Credit.

Cquote1Did you know that cR stands for crap regularly?Cquote2
— Marine who knows his books

Credit (or cR) is the currency of the UNSC. It is the descendant of the previous currency: the Dollar-Pound-Euro-Peso-Rupee-Dinar-Real-Krone-Mespsolovs. The cR is good and strong as one can buy a Frag Grenade for just 30 cR, or maybe those are...better than today's currencies. Right?

The Covenant don't believe in money so they don't have any currency and can easily replace their weapons by force.

In Halo: Reach peoplez can use cRs to get new armors.

An old CRap coin, Oooh... shiny...

Prices of Halo Stuff in cREdit

  • Fraggy: 30 cR (quite good value)
  • A Prostechtic Arm: 75000-250000 cR (expensive: don't be like this idiot)
  • An EVA Helmet: 30000 cR (expensive for a fishball)
  • A bunch of knife scratches on your EVA Helmet shaped like a skull: 120000 cR (you pay this guy to do it)
  • Great Covie Book of Jokes: 199.99 cR (do NOT waste your monies here)
  • World Cousine Moa Burgers: 7.77 cR (Bungie propaganda obvious)
  • Recon Helmet: 100000 cR (unless Bungie gives it to you free, with attachments)
  • Flaming Helmet: 0 cR (just get Bungie to flamethrower your head)
  • Confetti: 200000 cR (cheapest way to be a grunt BEST VALUE EVER)
  • Warthog: 20 cR
  • Drugs from the Prophet Of Crack: 333 cR
  • Extra Cheese: 5 cR
  • Cum Sandwich: 0 cR