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For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Covenant Arm'ee.
Cquote1The tough, the ones, the Covenant Ar'mee!Cquote2
— Early Covenant Army propaganda
Cquote1I am, ah, a supporter of the Covenant-AHHH!Cquote2
— A very frightened Grunt in front of a Elite with a gun behind his head

The Covenant Army, more popularly known as the Covenant Ar'mee among Elites, is the Army of the Covenant. The Covenant Army has most of the Covenant's land infantry and units, used to fight on land on air against enemies like Heretics and Vermin. Their demolition experts are mostly Hunter, who many times proved their capability to break stuff and man-hunt. The Prophets aren't necessarily in the Army because their weakness of plasma, bullets, and sunlight. They just make the Brutes do the crap. Grunts are just crazy.

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