History Edit

The covenant Uranus hub was the first covenant hub in the milky way galaxy. The Hub was originally desighned for keeping an eye on the humans just to make sure that they weren't planning anyhting, it soon became a cross roads of drugs for covenant fleets of to another planet to conquer. The founder of the hub was none other than the Testicle Chin of Gayness( prophet of Truth). Gayness wnted to take control of the milky way galaxy so he started omn a seemingly unsespected earth. We humans are not as dumb as they thought we were. We kept an eye on them.

Important event Edit

One of the most important events that the Covenant Uranus Hub contributed to was the starting of the Heretic. When the druggy grunt Ginarsh crashed his crack ship in Cuba the covenant on the hub were furious, now they had no crack. The Testicle Chins told them not to worry they would send a new shipment to the hub...... they never came. The hub retaliated with force and attacked the covenant home world! From that day on they were known as Heretic. Even though the hub did not have the home world on there side any more( or its crack) they managed to steal it from Cuba. this was thought to contribute to the war. Piswat the new Grunt Rebellion leader. Later in the war the Heretic and Grunt Rebellion would team up with the humans along with the Arbiter and Master Chief.

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