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Cquote1Nothing quite like the all.Cquote2
— An Elite stating that the Separatists are nothing like the traitorous Heretics

A.K.A Geurillas The Covenant Separatists are a bunch of dudes who separated from the Covenant, because they decided they were too cool for them. They are led by Elites, who mind controlled Grunts and Hunters to join their cause in Halo 2. Though, the mind control power wore off in the beginning of Halo 3, so they only had Humans as their allies. The mind power still affected most Grunts and Hunters, though the Elites didn't want their species dying out in the battlefield, so they just kept them in a room called "Emergency Food Source". The Separatists' main cause to part from Covenant is because the Prophets abused their religious authority and made stupid Brutes take many Elite jobs.

Their posse was led by Ratsass 'Vacumee and the Armbiter.

Sangheili-Human Alliance The Separatists knew they couldn't take down the Covenant on their own, so they decided to convince the Humans to join their cause. Which is funny, because many Elites were found dead in corners of Marine bases when the alliance was still effective. Some say that the Marines assassinated the Elites and mercilessly t-bagged them, but no one could ever prove it. Edit

Except for the Master Chief but he's in space now so nobody would ever know.

Here are a few reasons why the Elites separated from the Covenant and allied with the humans

  • They were tired of being raped by the hairychinballs every night.
  • They were tired of having their arse kicked by Master Cheif A.K.A Chuck Norris.
  • They hated the gay, purple-colored vehicles of the Covenant and wanted cool green ones instead.
  • They hate some arseholes called the Brutes.
  • They found out what the hula hoops where made for (hint: it's not hula-hooping)
  • The Covenant painted their plasma rifles red, a colour that the Elites hate (That means that the Major Domo is a rank of shame).
  • The Covenant were paying them about $.12 a day.
  • And the BIGGEST reason why they rebelled was because the prophets prohibited them from eating dessert since MC killed one of the prophets.
  • PROFIT!!!!!!
  • Brutes are brown Elites are blue grunts are red and so are you

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