Covie frigate

Bottom of the Frigate. Notice the eye of judgement.

Covie frigate top

Top of the Frigate. Cool.

For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Covenant Frigate.
Cquote1OH Fuck this. That there is a damned Frigate, and It's better than our cruisers. no wonder we're loosing!Cquote2
— A UNSC Captain on the Covenant Frigate

The Covenant Frigate is the Covenant's primary Hunting Of Noob Ships ship. Deemed to damned small to be used as a pwng ship to fight big ass ships, it is good against smaller ships, Mr. Rogers, the liberal media, and Subway. In fact in the Halo times Subway no longer exists because they were blown up by the Frigates. PWNT!

Frigate FridayEdit

The Covenant Frigate also known as the giant blue dilldo was designed by Covrop Gruntan on Friday the 13th. It was a lucky 13th since the design was so awesome and successful that Covrop Gruntan has declared Friday the 13th as a national holiday, called Frigate Friday. The design took the form of a flying result of a bitch-slap: a horsefly. It is covered in purple armor with more purple rooms inside to house the Captain while the crew rots in the purple utility closets. It has 3 engines to push its ugly self across space. They are still slow but faster than anything the Humans have.

Weapons and accessoriesEdit

Now for the best part. Weapons! The Covenant Frigate is armed with the following:

  • Water guns
  • Monkey feces guns
  • Sandra Bullocks' face
  • Your face
  • They are also protected by mini shields that can actually deflect an entire clip of God Pistol rounds.That says that they are very powerful.

What to do if You Encounter a Frigate and You're a Sap Human CaptainEdit

  • Run away
  • Offer it a Burger King burger with the hope it will barf out its intestines (which has happened to many people)
  • Eat a Burger King burger to kill yourself slowly
  • Shoot yourself to die quickly
  • Send your noob friends in to try to make friends with it while you run away
  • Run away faster
  • Pray to whoever you worship for mercy
  • If your a noob then just stand there
  • Sing it a lullaby

What Not to DoEdit

  • Challenge it to a poker match
  • Wear a sombraro
  • Be a noob
  • Be anywhere in a 50 meter radius of a Marine (Frigates are attracted to them)
  • Offer it a Jonas Brothers music video
  • Be alive

Known FrigatesEdit

  • The LULZ
  • Teeny Breast
  • Twilight Communism
  • Revolver
  • The retarded bird the coyote hates
  • The Aaron Carter
  • Mountain Dew
  • Dixie
  • Dicksie
  • Lost in a Dryer
  • The Tight Vagina (controversial Covenant naming)
  • Raptor Jesus
  • The Space Whale
  • Eye floater that you can never look directly at
  • Justin beaverface( the worst frigate ever made!)

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