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The Covenant Battle Network is an advanced, highly sophisticated network of computers and radio signals controlled by the Covenant. Regardless of its importance and crucialness to the Covenant, it has the hacking protection of an account on MySpace. Within its series of tubes, it contains a bunch of information that anyone actually playing the game could find out in a matter of seconds, yet took the UNSC a super computer-esque machine to find that they were channeling it completely unencrypted. Score one for the home-team.


A UNSC computing genius finding his way into the Covenant Battlenet.

Discovery Edit

The Covenant Battlenet was first discovered by a UNSC Script Kiddie named Joel Doesepth. He changed the word "Elite" into "Fart" in what looked like an important file, and laughed to himself, as he was so witty.

Once the Covenant found this as offensive, they changed the password from "Covenant" to the cancel button at the bottom of the screen. Ingenious. Our friendly neighborhood Cortana "hacked" it, and gave total access to Master Chief. He once again changed a word in an important document, this time from "Elite" to "Brute". Chaos ensued.

What are they talking about?Edit

  • Toasting humans.
  • Whether that is a natural cave formation or not.
  • Hot chicks.

As you can see above, the CBN contain valuable tactical data and secretive information valuable to the Covenant.

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