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"Yayz nobody can stab meh now!" Truth's famous last words.Edit

"Bzzz." Drone telling you how to pilot the scarab.Edit

The Covenant, is a level in Halo tree. [in which bungie go green.] There isn't much else.

Warning: No spoilers in this article.Edit

Truth: I haz da power of...

Brute: Your testicles? WTF? Which ones?"

Truth : No, da ringz.

Brute: Hey! This ain't a cutscene!

"Ha ha! Nobody can stab me now!"

Brute storms off crying as it is to much for him.

Master cheif: WTF are we gonna do?

Rats in a vacuum: We will burn their monkey hides.

Cool elite: There is to many of them! At least four or five Manshee's!

Rats in a vacuum: No matter, they have huge stubby fingers.

Elite: What the hell?

Rats in a vacuum: They cannot press the buttons correctly.


Rats in a vacuum: Man, i should have got a job in Walmart or somethin.

Why this level is a dissapointment.Edit



  • Rats in a vacuum epically loses.
  • It is impossible to stay in there for five minutes.
  • You have to land to HELP the Arbiturd!
  • You have to help Arbiturd for the remainder of the game.
  • Man, the game is crappy what do you expect?
  • Grunt's get owned.
  • Bungie said it was the last Halo game... BUT THEY LIED!! }:

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