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Prophet of Mercy
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The High Council, is a bunch of testicle chins and Wannabee Satellite Dishes who are leaded by Prophets high on weed and like to sit around, making boring suicidal speeches. They decide what's best for the Covenant, or at least that's what a Grunt heard one of them say before the Council started talking something about "eradication" and, then, for some weird reason, "ejaculation". When the Elites of the Council were thought to say that most of the Council's conversations are utter bullshit, they were executed and assassinated in Halo 2. Prophet of Truth just stood there while the Elites were killed, talking about Reach for some reason.

Details Edit

The Council is practically like a parliament, or a house of representatives. Actually, they are more like a group of conversational dictators who give out orders that the Covenant must follow. Very conversational dictators. A type of government the Humans and UNSC wouldn't understand. They simply lack the Gruntiness level necessary to compute that data.

That being said, the Covenant High Council did originate from the Humans' old forms of government. The Prophets simply could not come up with a different form of government, so they stole the Humans' and added some stuff to it.

Amendments Added by them and stuff done by them Edit

  1. At any moment, a Prophet has the right to activate the Hula hoops of death and kill everyone.
  2. If someone does not agree with the above amendment, they will be punished..
  3. Because they know that Grunts are their omnipotent overlords, they have lied and placed the Grunts as cannon fodder and toilet scrubbers. To the Prophets, it is their only way to stay in power and co-exist with the Grunty power.
  4. They co-wrote one of the songs for the hit album, Elitematic.

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