Corly was a Marine who couldnt shoot for crap. She was also an ODST so you know she sucked, she wasnt a Noob but she was still a bad shot. Lets just say she couldnt hit a large wall at point bank range with a Sniper Rifle.


Corly was an ODST who was under Melissa McKay's command. Corly would be one of those odst types who would shoot anyone who was remotely better than them, so basicly Corly shot at everyone but couldnt hit a darn thing.

During the battle of The alpha hola hoop, Corly would join Melissa Mckay and fellow female marine Aki on a road trip to get it on with Master Chief. Either Cortana meant to give them bad directions or they just couldnt drive, either way they drove into a valley filled with horny Grunts. As soon as they stopped their car the three were ambushed and raped by grunts and a couple of hunters.

Mckay and Corly both escaped while Aki was ripped apart by a group of horny hunters. The two would again get lost in another valley, yes they are that stupid. They were again ambushed but this time Mckay was able to stay in the car. Corly would be raped by a hunter, Melissa not wanting to lose Corly drove at the hunter. And of course she missed and hit Corly, corly was knocked out and she was later recovered by Rtas 'Vadum. She would become one of his "personal" slaves along with Ellen Dowski. Dowski would also rape Corly.


  • The only reason why this character was made was to just fulfill elites needs.

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