Cquote1Oh mighty constructor, can you construct a girlfriend for me?Cquote2
— A Nerd that has no life

Constructors are robots built by the dipshits that started all this.


516px-H3 Constructor

A dumbass Constructor being ghey.

When Bungie was making Halo 2, one employee was thinking "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to see a floating Peashooter?" and another employee (who was high at the time) responded in agreement "Fuck yeah brah, that would be flippin' sweet." Then the Bungie lord was all like
Cquote1It is decided, we shall make a floating peashooter and just say that it's another forerunner pile 'o junk!Cquote2
— .

Thus giving them a role in 2 Space Donut Games.

The Fate of the ConstructorsEdit

The Evil Masterminds decided that their experiment failed miserably to entertain the customers by making them say "Haha look its a floating Peashooter lulz0rz." So they decided to put them only on one campaign level in Halo 3 and only in one multiplayer map level in Halo 3. All Constructors are gone from the universe and almost NOBODY misses them except their Pimps and Sex Partners.

What They Are Used ForEdit

  • Repairing Sentinels
  • Repairing Damaged Dildos
  • Repairing Dicks with Erectile Dysfunction
  • Repairing a Brute's ugly face (They fail 110% of the time)
  • Sex Slaves for Sentinels
  • To Beat the Shit out of Enforcers
  • To Beat the Shit out of Justin Bieber
  • To Beat the Shit out of Your Mom
  • Harvesting Drugs
  • Something else that I forgot (I'm not the brightest kid)

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