Someone being informed that a CNI has been inserted in their brain.

Command Neutral interference is a piece of shit made by the 26th century morons that is put in brains, it has been used for many things, like being found if you have been kidnapped by a Pedo, and that's if your lucky because this epic failures costs 5 cents.

Once this clustefuck is installed, you can't get rid of it without killing yourself, which is still retarded because you won't live to enjoy not having that brain daizer. It also stores all your thoughts and memories and sends them to terrorists.

You can put whores inside, but that only makes it worse.


  • For some reason the oddballs from murderded people have these shit on them.
  • Lord Hood got this so he could get infinite crack.


Yes, shit happens with this, the symptoms include but are not limited too:

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