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Cquote1Y'all stupid! I graduated from the Colon Military-Training Pro-gram.Cquote2
— A militiaman to a Marine

Colonial Militia Training is a UNSC program used to raise local militia forces on places like Harvest. The UNSC thought it would be good to train people to defend themselves while they send Marines to more important places like a room where the UNSC leaders sign treaties and such.

Details Edit

This Adequate Training and weaponry scares locals, saying that the militia might "rebel" against the UNSC. Though, that is just simple paranoia the people soon ignored even after knowing the possible risks. The training, nonetheless, is supposed to be helpful to the locals whether they like it or need to be forced to like it.

The training for Colonial Militia consists of exercises that seems very confusing to people, but this is the secret art of Grunts that the UNSC spies and officers have studied for years.

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