Cobra views

A Cobra concept straight from the factory at Scottsdale

The Cobra is the thing that shoots the almighty bolt of SWAG at incoming vehicles, and is currently in use with the UNSC Marine Noob Corpses.


Like most new UNSC vehicles, this one was a complete failure considering how its supposedly made to fire artillery and be a fricken mobile turret. No matter what vehicle attacks this beast, they will always lose, for the Cobra is so tightly armored that only air units with Swag lasers can destroy them. This vehicle also features a locking down mode, where its sole purpose is to make an even bigger ass turret and block pathways so that your foolish allies cannot cross paths. It can destroy over 9000 Wrape tanks in 1.273538264472535726343 shots.


  • Did you know that this vehicle wins AND fails at life?
  • Did you know that this vehicle fires gruntiness as tanks?
  • Did you know that this vehicle resembles a Communist swag ownage tank?
  • Did you know pros are the only ones who actually use it to it's grunty potential?
  • Did you know n00bs think it sucks?

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