BLIPBLOBZ deploys his Communist Civilian Armed Forces (YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THIS OSKARMANDUDE?!!!) (Nou -Oskarmandude)

The civilian armed forces are in fact soldiers who defend the civilians of countries and their rights, freedom, and dignity (BULLSHIT!!!!). Each Armed Force's equipment and weapons vary on where they're in and the government (Well kinda)

Human-Covenant WarEdit

So far, the only known Civilian Security Forces are the NMPD (New Mombasa Police Department) and the police brutality in the city Arcadia on Harvest.

To be honest, these "Security Forces" SUCK, they SUCK worse than Marines do, and was no wonder that they hardly even showed up in most of the Halo games, and our present day 21st century ones are WAY better than them.


People who are in the Civilian armed forces (21st-Century)

  • Comrade BLIPBLOBZ
  • Not you
  • Oskarmandude (Respect him, he is actually quite formidable and killed 9480259857798235798 AIDS)
  • North Koreans
  • Fat-ass pig-white yankee niggaz Americans
  • The Chinese (WOOOOO)
  • Russians
  • Not you

People who are in the 2552-era Civilian Armed Forces:

  • Noobs
  • people who have an IQ of 1
  • Africans
  • You, but only briefly
  • Oskarmandude, formerly (He went into suspended animation (AKA got inside a Cyro Tube) and rested so he still lives)
  • BLIPBLOBZ, who was more innovative [THAN U OSKAR .l. (-_-)] and invented a time machine to travel into 2556, and during the Battle of Earth, he gutted and sliced 'n' diced 2347947187100099841770 Brutes.

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