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Cquote1Wort Wort WortCquote2
— A 1337 Seeing Chips.
Cquote1"Although my voice sounds a bit too much like an american steriotype of an Australian accent, apparently my voice actor actualy IS Ausy...maybe Bungie forced him to thicken the accent for the Douchebags/Noobs/Americans that were enevitably the target audience."Cquote2
— Chips on his voice

Chips Dubbo Is a marine who is, unfortunately, just as incompetent as the rest of them but hey he's an Australian marine so he at least kicks a little ass. Like all other marines he is constantly changing his appearance, from a blonde pointed beard on the Pillar of Awesome to...I can't actually be bothered figuring out which one he is in the rest of them. Apparently he is a qualified ODST.

Alpha Hula Hoop Edit

When the Covenant attacked The Pillar Of Awesome he helped Johnson attack them and destroy most of them on the hoop.

Then he was badly wounded in a accident involving a Warthog and a Plasma Pistol, so they took him back To the Pillar Of Awesome and then chucked him in a medic bay (or so they thought) which actually turned out to be a Longsword fighter (and his bed was a Cryo Container).

When the AIDS attacked TPOA (The Pillar Of Awsome) he was startled by a Flood Carrier Form and accidentally leaned on the launch button which flew him back to Earth.

The Next Game! Edit

When Chips arrived at Earth the first thing that happened was that he crashed into The Cairo Station (complete with big MAC gun) and while covered in blood with no helmet helped Master Chief defend the Station.

When they flew down on Pelicans Chips got Bird Flu and crashed down on the Scarab and squished it thus actually saving the Earth from The Mighty Scarab! But they left their giant four legged death machine behind and Chief beat that.

Then Prophet of Regret forgot he left his wallet back on Delta Halo and warped back.

When they arrived on Delta Halo Chips landed on the pointy thingy (Dreadnaught) on High Charity (which was left outside) and was quickly captured by The Fuzzy Monkey Thingies with Tennis Ball Launchers Brutes.

Last Bit! Edit

When the pointy thingy flew over earth he rode a flying Grunt with a Sniper Rifle on a Mongoose to the surface where he made friends with a family of cave people and lived happily ever after and even shared his teddy bear with them pwned a Scarab and went to the Ark with Chief. Because of Chips' awesomeness Gruntiness he was voted 'best marine' by Chief himself.

Skills Edit

Chips Dubbo is curently the only marine to run into a grunt full of Gruntiness and live O.o

He also holds the most kills of any marine (excluding Sgts.) Which is 5 kills per game. For this he was awarded the Cookie Award, the UNSC's highest award.

Chips Dubbo was born with the ability to shoot crocodiles out of his eyes.

Noticable Acheivements Edit

On alpha hula hoop he was "accidentily" shot by another marine. This caused him to go into a blind rage and kill every other marine there. For this the Master Chief was very pleased.

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