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Catherine Halsey

Catherine Halsey's mug shot when she was arrested on Reach in 2551

Catherine Halsey AKA That bitch is responsible for the UNSC Spartan Uber pwnage project. Halsey's work for the UNSC began when she enlisted as the UNSC's official child abductor. Halsey toured Human controlled space in an ice cream van and visited colonized UNSC planets. Once she arrived on the planets she lured children into her ice cream van promising them free ice cream, but instead locked them in a cage and took them to spartan training centers. while at the training centers, she injected pure uncut Gruntiness into the children and they became Spartan super soldiers. In 2551 she was arrested on the planet Reach for her child abduction schemes fourty years ago. A year later when the Covenant attacked Reach she escaped but nobody knows where she is and quite frankly nobody cares.

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