Cquote1In Soviet Russia, you surrender to us!Cquote2
— Koslovic losers on the Callisto Treaty
Cquote1Bumsen sie!Cquote2
— Frieden losers on the Castillo Treaty

The Callisto Treaty is the name of the document signed in 2170 in which Koslovic and Frieden rebels are silenced for now and surrender to the UNSC, ending the Interplanetary War. The following sentences are the secret results of the Callisto Treaty that even Halopedia and Bungie don't know.

  • All Frieden and Koslovic bases are belong to UNSC.
  • Frieden and Koslovic people will be oppressed when the UNSC pleases.
  • All Unified German Republic corporations who supported the rebels shall change all their production to plastic dolls for a year.
  • The Frieden and Koslovic people shall work on making Body Bags for all the people who died in the war.
  • The Freiden and Koslovic governments shall be dissolved.

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