For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Brute Minor.
Brute Minor

The Assholes look like this. (it does look ok, it's blue).

Brute Minors are worthless idiotic, losers which have to fight with another loser! They are the more common aggro pedos that suck at life. This can be seen at the Jiralhanae "Halo" Wrestlers. They wear big, elaborate bicycle helmets, which don't work, because a Grunt can take the helmet off with a few shots. These Brutes are known for walking around as target practice for cute little ones that get scared a lot, and being the kiss-asses for the testicle chins.

Brute Minors are one of main the targets of Brute Stalkers. That is how baby brutes are made, in fact...

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