AV Johnson
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These guys like flying around as they get to piss on Master Chief's head in the air. They also like to be called 'Fruits', because they're flying brutes. They think they're really strong and cool, but then again landing on a plasma grenade and flying through walls are classified as a terrible strain of noob. These guys are the epitome of every superbouncer on Xbox Live.

Battlefield refueling is not particularly difficult as their jumppacks can be fueled by both farts and gasoline. The Brutes

Jump pack

Jump pack brutes get high off their jump packs. Pun intended

are often found dismembering Jackals who's genitalia make remarkably effective "strike anywhere" matches. These bitches also caused the economic recession in order to bring down the price of gas for their jumppacks. Their fuel is bought in a local dollar store. Since they are retarded, they had methane for fuel and every time they're fuel tanks got shot, it blew their asses up. They were also the "terrorists" behind the 9/11 attacks which were intended to lower the number of jets populating the skies in order for them to have more flying space jumppack control is very difficult when you're aiming a nailgun with knives taped to it and having your ass toasted.

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