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Cquote1It is dull, yet is is quite interesting.Cquote2
— Oscar Wilde on the Chopper
Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Brute Chops YOU! (giggity)Cquote2
Cquote1GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!Cquote2
— Arnold Shwarzenegger on the Brute Chopper

Cowboy Spartan

The Brute Chopper is a steel turd on wheels wheel which only expresses it's inner Gruntiness when Master Chief uses it, whenever it is not, a Chopper is prone to harrassement such as being called names (like a steel turd on wheels wheel), being hijacked, being blown up by Gardening Tools, being Grif, being destroyed and worst of all, being in a collision. They were created by some guy called Lighter Than Some. He was trying to make the humans feel better about their enevitable doom, so he made a plow. Then Harambe Maccabeus turned them into spike shitting death machines to rek everything that opposed him.


Collision is a big deal in the life of a Chopper, the wheel at the front has teeth and gas leaking on it which makes it look like it is choking on it's own saliva. The teeth rotate all the time, looking like they are shredding up a mango for desert. These teeth have one goal, to chop everything it touches. When a Chopper goes head to head with another vehicle (Aside from anything larger than it), the other person and their vehicles turns into micro-shits as they are eating and puked out into small bits.

When a <s>batwing Chopper crashes into another Chopper, they both create a nuke which kills everything (which means both drivers and their Choppers). When the teeth try to nom on each other, they shoot out shit to make eating easier, so when they try to eat, they hurt each other and start crying, they cry gunpowder, when enough gun powder is cried (this takes 0.0001 nanoseconds), it starts raining nitrogen onto the gunpowder which makes an explosion of baddassery which kills both drivers and their dick throbbers Choppers.


It uses a variant of the Type-25 spike shooter to damage the enemy. The variant use shells of depleted Gruntiness, and that is why they do so much damage.


It is really slippery (Choppers are meant to be flying vehicles anyways), it is really slow and it turns like crap.

You can boost, but it only works for one second and takes 4 seconds 1 minute 7 years to recharge itself so it isn't worth it.

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