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For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Brute Chieftain - Weapon.
— Brute Chieftain - Weapon on anything
— Brute Cheiftain - Weapon when sexually aroused
— Brute Chieftain - Weapon on being asked to use something other than the Gravy Hammer

These guys, also known as Big ass monkey king kong smashing pwnage swoop-da-whoop gorillas are The big Fluffy Ones with red armor and like using Huge oversized Hammers because they're too retarded to use anything else, except jelly cannons.

Halo WarsEdit

They have the same capabilities as a normal Spartan, except the brutes, at the time, had an average IQ of -21. Almost all the time, they would run in circles until the Marines would kill them. Only reason the Brute Chieftains would listen to Truth is because he promised them a very shiny light. Brutes didn't know the light was actually a Covenant's glassing beam. Truth is considering trading the UNSC the brutes for cats.

Halo 1 & 2Edit

In Halo 1, all brutes were busy being pedophiles and smoking pot, so they were too sexually aroused and high to do anything. In Halo 2, Brutes evolved a little and were as smart as Jacob Keyes, which is the same brainpower as a Marine on crack. Their tactics were still the same: Go Roar on enemies' asses. A lot of Brute Chieftains were underestimated and were left out until Halo 3

Halo 3Edit

They're placed on a specific room with lots of Brutes to make a pathetic last stand to stop MC. All last stands against MC failed miserably. They are endangered and slowly becoming extinct. In boredom, they accidently hammer their own feet, which is a leading cause of Brute deaths. Efforts are made to save the Brutes, like the annoying Invincibility, which brutes think it makes them hard to find. It actually made them invulnerable to all attacks...all attacks execpt hitting in the back.I mean wtf bungir tap them on the back as useful as Whoretona. please have sex with them if they ask no matter what age you are...normally they use the excuse: WE ARE

AN INDANGERED SPEISES WE NEED TO INCRESE NUMBERS! failare to acept may lead to rape...


Thel Vadam and The Brute doing something...weird.

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