For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Golden Beasts.
— Brute Captain Major, on the meaning of life

Brute Captain Majors are Jiralhanae who easily killed Marines and Noobs to work their way up in the Covenant military.

Reaching this rank is a challenge for Brutes as they must survive and kill, Brutes are mostly incapable of this with their enemies trying to survive and kill them.


A Brute Captain Major mere seconds away from being crushed.


Brute chieftan

"Gimme my drugs"

They are like a regular Brute Captain, they have similair armour, similair weaponry and similair retardation. The only difference between them is that the Major's armor has been pissed on, giving it the gold color scheme that the naive love.

They often risk their lives by taunting the enemy with stupid lines such as "We will tear you into bloody ribbons!" as during these snappy jokes, Master Chief kills them. 

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Good weaponry?
  • Being called a "Cool Kid" by your inferiors?
  • Not being a Jackal?
  • You are awesome on Legendary?
  • You are epic on Mythic?
  • You have a mohawk...


  • That you can't see unless your are stripped of your armour!
  • You can still be stripped of your armour!
  • You are covered in golden piss, even on your face!
  • You and your collegues die!
  • You have a horrible beard!
  • You were born!
  • You have shity accuracy!
  • You are a noob!


  • They all suck balls, except for Meat!

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